Wellfleet’s Community Housing Challenge

Wellfleet is a wonderful place to live — but that’s at the heart of our growing housing crisis. With home prices out of reach of our workforce population, limited buildable land and few affordable rentals, many of the people who make Wellfleet what it is — Fishermen, Teachers, Town Workers, Tradespeople, Healthcare Providers, and Artists — can’t afford to live here anymore.

Between 2000 and 2009 housing costs in Wellfleet rose by $263,708 while incomes rose by only $10,000. Our young people can’t afford to stay in Wellfleet and raise families.

If Wellfleet does not find ways to provide affordable housing, the very nature of our town may change in ways which we say we do not want.

Who is working on Wellfleet’s housing problem?

Wellfleet Housing Authority

The State authorized organization with the goal of providing residents earning low, moderate and median incomes with opportunities to rent or purchase decent, affordable housing. Four members of the Authority are elected and one is appointed by the Governor and currently include: Elaine McIlroy, Chair, Judy Taylor, Mary Fontanerosa, Gary Sorkin and Martha Gordon, who is the State Appointee.

Wellfleet Local Housing Partnership

An appointed Town Committee with the goals of increasing the Town’s involvement in housing, fund-raising, working with the Park Service and promoting community awareness. The members include: Gary Sorkin, Chair, Steve Durkee, Paul Cullity, Barbara Knapp, Claire Fox, Judy Taylor, Priscilla McChesney, Janet Reinhart (Planning Board), Vern Jacobs (ZBA), Bruce Hurter (Open Space), Bob Dubeau, Martha Gordon, and John O'Hara.

What does the Housing Authority & Local Housing Partnership Do?